Why Your Site Is Not Loading

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Site Is Not Loading
You have probably seen sites like these before. They look great but when you click on them, they don't work. What gives?

These websites often use Flash technology that isn’t compatible with all browsers. Try using an alternative browser like Firefox or Chrome instead.

Check Your DNS Settings.

If you’re having trouble loading pages on your website, check your DNS settings first. This is the system that translates domain names into IP addresses so that computers can find each other online.

Check Your Server Configuration.

Next, make sure that your server configuration is set up correctly. There are several things that need to be checked here, such as whether your web host has enabled caching (which speeds up site load times), whether your web host has properly configured the file permissions, and whether your web host has disabled directory browsing (which allows users to browse through directories).

Check Your Hosting Provider’s Support Page.

If you’re having trouble loading pages, check your hosting provider’s support page first. It might say something like “Your website is not responding.” This means that there is an issue with your server configuration.

Check Your Webmaster Tools Account.

If your site isn’t loading properly, you’ll need to contact your web host. They should be able to help you fix any issues.

Check your security

It’s also possible that your site has been hacked. This means that someone else has taken control of your website and is using it to send spam emails or sell counterfeit goods. In either case, you will need to contact your web hosting company to find out what happened.


Tools for identify the site’s loading

You should be utilized tools that help you with a identify the problem of loading

1 – Google page speed insights

use Google page speed insights for see the site loading problems.

google page speed

see everything that interferes with loading

2 – GTmetrix

How fast does your website load? Find out with GTmetrix!

3 – Pingdom website speed test

performance monitoring for your website with Pingdom tool.

4 – Web page test

analyze performance, fix issues, and deliver fast websites from the start. Web page test is a very cool tool.