4 SEO Tools for Beginner Bloggers

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Best SEO tools
You don't have to be an expert to start ranking on Google. In fact, there are many free tools available to help you out.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving how well your website appears in search results. It involves using keywords that people use when searching for information online.

Here’s a list of four great ones.

There are plenty of free tools available to help bloggers improve their SEO. These tools will allow you to track the performance of your blog and provide suggestions on ways to improve its visibility.

Yoast SEO – Popular SEO tools for wordpress

One of the first things I recommend when starting a new blog is installing the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin allows you to easily add meta tags to your posts and pages, as well as optimize them with relevant keywords. It also provides detailed reports on how your site is performing in search engines.

Screaming Frog

There are two main ways to find keywords for use in your content: using a keyword research tool or manually searching through your own website. A good keyword research tool will give you a list of keywords that people are actually searching for. However, these lists tend to be very large and contain hundreds of thousands of terms. If you’re looking for more manageable results, you’ll need to do some manual searches.

Rank Checker

One of the easiest ways to find keywords is by using a search engine optimization (SEO) tool. These tools allow you to enter a URL or domain name into the box provided and then generate a list of keywords based on what’s being indexed by Google.


If you’re looking for more advanced SEO tools, try SEMrush. This tool allows you to see how well your website ranks against competitors and provides detailed reports on your site’s performance. It also includes a keyword research feature that helps you identify new opportunities for your business.

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